Amazing feedback from some of our schools & parents

by | 26 Jun 2024 | FAB News

Here is just some of the excellent feedback we have received from some recent schools and a parent.

  • Thanks again for running such a comprehensive course 
  • Thank you so much for coming and delivering your fantastic training! The children have learnt such important skills but in a fun and engaging way 
  • As a healthcare professional I am so pleased that St Andrew’s School has incorporated first aid and CPR into the curriculum. You never know when these skills are needed. The book by Rhona Manning is an excellent resource 
  • It’s a phenomenal skill that you are teaching them and we actually had a Year 6 parent email and say how their daughter saved the life of her baby sister when she was choking on a sweet. That was from what she had learnt last year so it really does stick with the children! 

We are so proud of our FAB First Aid classes. Our passion is training our younger generation vital life saving skills. We are coming up to 60,000 children trained and counting. It’s great! The children LOVE learning these skills and we LOVE teaching them. We hope their enthusiasm rubs off on the grown ups at home that wouldn’t know what to do if they needed to know First Aid.