Hi, I’m Rhona, founder of Help Save Lives


I started my business in 2013 from a passion to raise awareness of defibrillators and in our communities and public areas and to make sure our customers get the correct life saving equipment.

In 2018, I had to perform CPR and use a defibrillator on my father. It was an awful experience but later I managed to turn it into something positive.

I wrote my FAB First aid book, created a class, got trained and started teaching Primary school children essential First Aid skills. The rest is history!

Please have a look around our website. You will find lots of information on what we do below. If you have any questions you may find the answers here.

Find out the history of a defibrillator or learn or refresh some first aid skills on our Test Your Knowledge page here.


FAB First Aid Training for Primary Schools

We realise that children as young as 4 years old can learn basic First Aid. You can see stories where young children have called 999 and saved Mum or Dad, saved siblings from choking and even saved parents with CPR!

They love learning what to do if they get a small burn, scratch or a bump on the head. When it comes to CPR training, oh what fun they have practising on our Betty and Bobby manikins. OK, most of the children we teach might never have to remember these skills but we are hoping when they get bigger and older and they find someone laying on the floor and not moving or talking, they will remember what they learnt in the FAB First Aid class. It won’t be long until some of our Year 5 and 6 children can actually perform CPR for real – they are amazing!

Just think – if just one of the children from a FAB First Aid class calls 999 and saves a life – how wonderful would that be?

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We are now seeing a great awareness for defibrillators in the UK. With lots of incidents happening where defibrillators are saving lives, people are now realising how important they are. Especially when they used in sport, a great example is football. How amazing that in the 2021 Euro football tournament a player was saved within a few minutes by a defibrillator & CPR.

We supply the Mediana A15 Hearton defibrillator. Rather than changes pads from adult to child (vice versa), the Mediana AED has the instant switch for Adult and Paediatric mode, which means that this product is perfect for places with mixed age groups. If you are ever in the situation the last thing you need to think about is changes electrode pads! Plus like all defibrillators, it gives you simple instructions of ‘What to do’ once you flip the lid open.            



The LifeVac anti-choking device has been around about 8 years now. Invented in America by Arthur Lih, the Lifevac has now saved over 1400 valuable lives around the world, from a 4 month old baby up to a 96 year old man. The LifeVac has a one way valve so if someone is choking you simply place the mask over the person’s mouth and nose, push down and pull up. The LifeVac will usually works first time. Much safer than slapping and lifting people!