Donate a Defib

by | 14 Dec 2021 | FAB News

Did you know that lots of our primary schools in the United Kingdom do not have a defibrillator?

This does surprise a lot of people. You would think our primary schools would have these life saving devices, but like lots of things, our primary schools do not have the budget.

Our Mission

So, Help Save Lives have made it our mission to change this. As we are based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London we thought we would start there.

Fantastic  Donation & Partners

Further to an amazing conversation, Martyn Evans & Richard Upton of the property development company U+ I PLC, have donated 10 defibrillators to start our mission to get every primary school in the Royal Borough of Greenwich defibrillator safe. This is just the start.

We will be working with our partners – Charlton Athletic Community Trust to help get more businesses to join us.

They are NOT Scary!

Not only are we supplying our schools with their own defibrillator, we are making sure that everyone in the school is aware of it, where it is kept and how easy it is to use! Yes, everyone! The children especially love learning about them. Plus this training will stay with them for life.

We have recently heard from a school where the children had to get the defibrillator for the teacher. WOW!

What’s Next?

If you are a business and would like to get involved with our mission please get in touch – or 020 8127 0210.