Fantastic Hollydale!

by | 24 Jan 2024 | FAB News

We had an amazing day at Hollydale primary school yesterday. This is the second visit to the school. As with the previous visit, we trained Reception class to Year 6. It really warmed our hearts as the children remembered quite a lot of the information. Especially performing CPR!

This makes all that we do worthwhile. This is why we have First Aid training – like riding a bike – a life skill that we learn just in case we need to use it for real. CPR training is SO important. I know from personal experience when I found my Dad laying on the floor. He needed CPR but the ambulance took 1/2 hour! Luckily I remembered my CPR training which kept my Dad well until the professionals arrived.

If you are a Primary school and would like to get involved in our exciting FAB First Aid for Children click here – get in touch

The Children in Action!