Here are answers to some FAQs


What is LifeVac?

Lifevac is a fantastic device that stops people choking and saves lives. Whether the blockage is liquid or a piece of food LifeVac can help to remove it.

Does LifeVac work?

Absolutely, YES, If First aid protocol (5 x Back blows and 5 x abdominal thrust) does not work then use Lifevac. LifeVac has saved over 400 lives around the world from young to old, when First aid protocol has failed.

How does LifeVac work?

As the device has one way valve, it only sucks up and does not push air down or into a person. Once the Lifevac mask is in place over the person’s mouth and nose you simple push down then pull up – repeat until blockage is removed or up to 5 times. The device comes with a small and large mask to suit all ages.


What is the minimum age and weight that LifeVac can be used?

LifeVac is equipped to be used on a person starting at 10 KG using the smaller mask. Our mask manufacturer’s recommended guidelines 10 KG is the minimum weight for the smaller mask to fit correctly.  We have verified testimonials that the choking rescue device was used successfully under the recommended weight recommendation saving infants’ lives. After all other choking rescue measures were unsuccessful (back slaps & abdominal thrust) the parent used the LifeVac device at their discretion as a last resort to save their child. LifeVac has safely saved children from 3 weeks old to 13 years old.

‘A 1-year-old little girl choked on a crayon causing a total obstruction. Choking rescue procedures were followed by her father.  The precious child went unconscious. We are so thankful they had a LifeVac which saved her life!’

Should you be standing when using LifeVac?

You can be standing, sitting or laying down. Parents have used LifeVac with their child in a high chair or even on their lap. This is also ideal for people in a wheelchair.

‘On June 3rd a two-year-old little boy from Florida choked on a clump of white bread.  The food caused a total blockage of his airway at first. The little boy was with his grandmother at the time of the choking incident.  Choking rescue procedures were performed but failed.  The child was laid across the adult’s lap and LifeVac was administered 1 time. LifeVac successfully dislodged the obstruction opening up the child’s airway.’

Can you use LifeVac on a person in a wheelchair?

Absolutely Yes, LifeVac is absolutely perfect to save someone from choking when they are sitting down – especially in a wheelchair. This can take a great deal of worry away especially from carers that might have difficulty performing the first aid choking protocol on a person in a wheelchair. 

It was reported to us that on April 12th 2022, an 86-year-old quadriplegic man choked on roasted chicken.  The food caused a partial obstruction of his airway.  Abdominal thrusts were impossible to perform as he is in an electronic wheelchair.  His wife tilted back the wheelchair and used the LifeVac device four times.  The obstruction dislodged and was expelled right into the LifeVac unit.

Can you use LifeVac on yourself?

Absolutely YES, The LifeVac is deal is you live alone. Just simply place the mask over your nose and mouth, push down and then pull up. Please see the following:

‘It was reported to us that on June 11th 2022 a 32-year-old man choked on calamari. The food caused a total blockage of his airway.  Unfortunately, choking rescue procedures were attempted but failed.  He quickly retrieved his LifeVac unit and utilized it on himself 3 times while standing.  LifeVac successfully dislodged the calamari and saved his life.’

Can LifeVac be reused?

If the device saves a person, the device should not be re-used for hygiene reasons. If you do use the device please let us know as soon as you can as we need to report the life saved. Also we can supply a replacement device to you half price. We recommend the masks to be replaced every 2-3 years.