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by | 22 Jun 2023 | FAB News, First Aid Tips

LifeVac is now available to everyone.

Although certain ages of people can be venerable, everyone is prone to choking.

Some of us might be trained in First Aid choking protocol, taught how to slap a person hard in the middle of their back or wrap our arms around the person and pull hard and sharp trying to get the blockage out of their airway. That’s together with all of the panic and fear when someone is choking.

If our First Aid protocol does not work, What do we do? Use LifeVac.

Every home, restaurant, school, care home should have a LifeVac! Infact, the LifeVac should be everywhere as we never know when a person can start choking.

The LifeVac takes the worry out of saving someone is choking. Are you a parent with children? You should have a LifeVac at home. You can even take it out wherever you go.

The LifeVac is an amazing choking rescue device. The LifeVac has been available to everyone around the world and is now available for everyone in the UK. How exciting!

This means that no-one ever has to worry about choking any longer.

What is LifeVac?

Lifevac is a fantastic device that stops people choking and saves lives. Whether the blockage is liquid or a piece of food LifeVac can help to remove it.

Does LifeVac work?

Absolutely, YES, If First aid protocol (5 x Back blows and 5 x abdominal thrust) does not work then use Lifevac. LifeVac has saved over 1040 lives around the world from young to old, when First aid protocol has failed.

How Does LifeVac work?

The LifeVac anti-choking device is very simple to use. As we say ‘Place – Push – Pull’. So first, PLACE the mask on the face of the choking person, over the mouth. Then PUSH down. When you push down on the LifeVac it will only suck up. This is because it has a one way valve so it will never push anything in. This also creates 3 times more safe pressure than the abdominal thrust. Then PULL up. The blockage causing the choking should appear in the mask. You might have to do this 2-3 times. But is usually works on the first go.

If you have attended a First Aid course you will know that the first aid protocol is 5 x back slaps and 5 x abdominal thrust. The abdominal thrust is great when it works but is quite hard to perform. Especially if the choking person is in a wheelchair.

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