LifeVac saves a life within Akari Care in a choking emergency

by | 12 Dec 2021 | Uncategorised

“5 stars, very good result” – Nurse

LifeVac Europe are proud to share wonderful news of another life saved in the UK care sector

When someone begins to choke, you only have a matter of minutes before they become unconscious. When the abdominal thrusts and back blows fail, or if the casualty can only receive back blows due to an underlying condition, you still need to clear the airway for the casualty to receive vital oxygen before cardiac arrest and/or brain damage occurs. Without a LifeVac to hand to clear the airway, the survival rate of a choking emergency drastically reduces.

This is just one of the many reasons why thousands of care and nursing home providers across the UK have been trained to use and have equipped LifeVac, such as Akari Care who completed their face to face training following their group roll out in August of 2020.

LifeVac Europe have been informed that a male resident came into difficulty while eating food, which quickly turned into a full airway obstruction.

Staff acted quickly and accordingly delivering BLS choking protocol which failed to dislodge the food that was creating the full airway obstruction. A nurse quickly grabbed a LifeVac device from one of their wall mounted kits and on the 3rd application removed the full airway obstruction within seconds.

The resident made a full recovery by the time the ambulance arrived.