by | 15 Dec 2023 | FAB News, First Aid Tips

We are very proud to announce that 3 establishments are now equipped with the LifeVac choking rescue device. Here is Huntington Community Primary school of Chester receiving their LifeVac choking rescue device. This life saving device was sponsored by C & C Catering Equipment. Please see Peter Farrell – Sales Director of C & C Catering Equipment presenting the LifeVac to the school. 

We have also sent the LifeVac to Ravensbourne Community Primary school of Kirby which was kindly sponsored by C & C Catering Fabrications. Plus, First Steps Day nursery of Lowton. This was kindly sponsored by C & C Catering Engineers. 

It’s so wonderful to know that thanks to these businesses, all of the children and adults at these 3 establishments are now safe if they have a choking incident. Especially as the total number of people saved by LifeVac has now hit ‘1572’!!!! And 1000 of this total are children – AMAZING! 

It makes me think of the family and friends around these choking victims. How different life would be for them if it wasn’t for LifeVac saving their loved ones lives.