We are surrounded by secret HEROES!

by | 27 Jul 2023 | FAB News

In my job of training First Aid to children, I meet a lot of life savers. I only find this out in conversations with the staff and sometimes parents in the schools. I have met lots of grown ups in schools that have saved a child from choking. Others tell me how they have had to perform CPR and even used a defibrillator. But not just in school.

While on holiday last week with my Mum, we met a lovely family from Scotland. We got chatting about lots of things including First Aid. To my astonishment, the Dad (Jimmy) happened to mention that he had saved his best friend’s life! Amazing.

In 2022, Jimmy found his best friend collapsed on the floor during a night out. He quickly realised that his best friend needed CPR. So after calling 999, Jimmy performed CPR and luckily there was a defibrillator on the wall outside. With the CPR and defibrillator, Jimmy managed to keep his friend alive until the emergency services arrived. His best friend went on to make a full recovery.

Jimmy had learnt his First Aid just 3 weeks before this happened. As Jimmy said ‘It just goes to show how important CPR is’.

Do you know any secret heroes?

Would you know what to do if a loved one collapsed in front of you? If the answer is no – Go and get trained.

First Aid is not difficult, you just need to know ‘WHAT TO DO’.