We are the only company dedicated to training important First Aid skills to our Primary school children.

Help Save Lives

Do the children at your school know how to phone for an ambulance? Do they know what to do if someone chokes?

At Help Save Lives, it is our mission to introduce children from 4 to 11 years old important first aid skills. We also strive to supply the correct life saving equipment to the correct environments. 

No one likes to think something bad might happen to their family or friends, but knowledge saves lives and we’re here to help.

We know that children as young as 4 are capable of learning the basics of first aid and even learning how to perform CPR. These skills will stay with them like riding a bicycle or telling the time.

First Aid Supplies

We also supply quality first aid equipment. Our life saving devices include defibrillators/AED’s, and the wonderful LifeVac anti-choking device, which has saved the lives of choking victims all around the world.

Life Vac Anti-Choking Devices


Help Save Lives

Here we are in action at one of our schools, helping children learn important first aid skills.

Knowledge saves lives!

Get in touch via the link below, to book a course with us. 

Fab First Aid Specialist First Aid Training Courses for Children

Now that first aid is on the school curriculum it’s even more important that children learn the basics. Not only could they save a life or reduce the impact of an accident, learning first aid also helps them grow in self-confidence.

At Help Save Lives we run first aid training courses specifically designed for children. 

Our FAB First Aid classes run for 60/75 or 90 minutes. Presented with a colourful Powerpoint, they are packed full of interesting First Aid subjects that children aged 4-11 just soak up!

Not only are they fun, our classes are encouraging, engaging and age-appropriate. We use equipment designed specifically for little hands. We teach the children the basics of first aid for burns, bumps, bleeding and choking and also, how and when to call 999.

They also love learning how and why we use defibrillators and practicing CPR on Betty and Bobby, our child friendly CPR manikins. 

Each child receives their own FAB First Aid book, FAB First Aid certificate and FAB sticker to take home after the class. Primary school children love these!

Each class is tailored to the specific age group, 4-6 or 7-11. We have been running these classes since 2019, and we’re now being invited to return to the same schools to teach another generation of children the basics of first aid.

FAB First Aid classes are fun and engaging and the children enjoy and remember what they’ve learned. You can see some photos of our classes in action below.

The Help Save Lives Blog

We are surrounded by secret HEROES!

We are surrounded by secret HEROES!

In my job of training First Aid to children, I meet a lot of life savers. I only find this out in conversations with the staff and sometimes parents in the schools. I have met lots of grown ups in schools that have saved a child from choking. Others tell me how they...

Fab & Affordable Defibrillator

Fab & Affordable Defibrillator

Help Save Lives are very excited to offer the basic and affordable Smarty Saver defibrillator. At just £725 + VAT (£870) this Smarty Saver Semi-Automatic defibrillator is very affordable and easy to use. Reliable and robust (One meter drop test – dust proof and...



LifeVac and Help Save Lives are extremely proud to announce that 1148 lives have now been saved by LifeVac®. It was reported to us that a 1-year-old little boy was saved by LifeVac® when he began choking on food. We are so thankful this family chose to safeguard them...

Would you know what to do if…?

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